For seniors, programming has never been the thing to help them figure out. We have to think of ways to make it a little more fun for the seniors. Therefore, for this year’s Convergence to start, we are looking to work with programmers in the USA and the UK to consider ways we can support and encourage others to pursue it. One way of achieving this is by having a fascinating event.The first Convergence in the USA was held in San Francisco in . Many software developers from various parts of the US, UK and Australia came together to discuss various things, as the name suggests. The result was a very exciting conference. The main event involved a quiz and numerical simulation called Squeakx. This latter was a game in which you had to squeak past virtual chickens by making a similar sound as a chicken. This was to be played over conference telephone lines and was a great way of finding a younger audience. This was one of the main things that many developers used to make more life-long friends in the USA.The conference in the UK went way beyond an exhibition of Squeakx. An elementary conference was held where the developers would share their work through various discussions. Many asymptomatic teenagers from all parts of the UK were very captivated by the London conference and later helped to start the UK Open Source movement. We decided to look into how we can get this going in the USA. A conference is a great place to show people how it is done. Therefore, we will be looking at the areas where we will be focusing on in the USA. We will use videogames to help us achieve this. The film format for the conference is based on active sessions. This means that even though the conference will be three days long, there will be several field conferences going on each day. To accomplish this, the videogame developers will be needed to work in teams of two. These teams will have a minimum of four developers, as opposed to the normal system where the teams are required to work in fours. This means that by mid-term day, there will be five developers on the field-conversation together. This will allow them to have multiple sessions per day. The two teams will each require each other to complete at least three tasks. Each session will only require one team to complete.Part of this conference structure will involve high-definition screen displays for the conference sessions. Currently, most screens are LCD, which would struggle to show Squeakx. The videogame developers will be required to give % attention to the sledge and the show-runner will need to continuously remind the teams of the film’s objective. This helps to engage the videogame developers, which helps them be more involved in the process.To give the team some fun, some of the video games being developed will be themed. The theme will be matched to the session’s objective, which will, in turn, give them a reason to be there.To promote making videogames for everyone, we will be developing software for the videogames being developed. These games will contain audio descriptions. This will be implemented using special software that will be in use throughout the conference.

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