Does Research Proposal and Synopsis Have to be Exactly the Same

The Similarities Between a Research Proposal and Synopsis

Whether you are writing a research proposal and summarizing your data or you are writing the papers to do a term paper, you must note that the synopsis and its companion must both follow a particular format. Apart from a few deviations (for instance, if you are writing a research proposal that needs a short prologue, you should not also list the whole prologue as part of the proposal synopsis, despite its similarity), there are certain things to keep in mind. If you are working on a scientific writing project, these will undoubtedly seem obvious. However, students who want to use the recommended format for both research proposals and summaries should pay attention.

Formatting Guidelines for a Research Proposal and Synopsis

While a student will often use different naming conventions for the related items in their assignments, there are specific styling requirements to apply when formatting the two documents. For instance, when crafting a research proposal, the proposal synopsis has to be similar to the original proposal, with a few necessary alterations. This means that if you are using either the MLA or APA style, the first version of the proposal should appear in the application summary. Therefore, consider the following styles for a simple synopsis:

  • MLA: Always list the introduction and title of the paper; this is the standard introduction that appears on the introduction page of a research proposal.
  • APA: Use different title formats; however, the formatting rules for APA are similar to those of MLA.
  • Chicago: Do not include all the parts of the proposal; instead, use single-spacing throughout the text and a 10 point Times New Roman font.

You may also want to consider the particular format requirements that the publisher has given in the information to include, particularly if you are writing a personal work. Look in the instructions provided by the instructor for such details. However, even if you are not sure if the guidelines are specific to your project, you should make sure you conform to the format at hand as specified by the instructions given.

Differences in the Presentation of the Appendices

A wide variety of appendices appear in the proposal and summary, each with its unique requirements. While most of these components will appear in both, you might want to consider including those that are relevant to a specific research proposal or term paper.

While there is a specific arrangement for each appendice, the key differences include:

  1. There is a wide variation in font sizes and styles.
  2. The highlight colors and designs applied in both approaches are different too.
  3. The same organization for the appendices appears in both. They include: a bibliography page, body, appendices, list of references, appendix b, appendix c, and sources pages.
  4. The name of the author, editor, professor or institution from which the published works originated appears in the top right-hand corner.
  5. The reference list for the relevant chapter of the appendix is included in the left-hand corner.

Of course, you can always make further modifications by following the formatting rules given by your instructor. However, you should ensure that you do not omit any essential detail. Make sure the format applied is both legible and consistent.

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