How to Write a Research Proposal

Elements of a Research Proposal

As the name suggests, a research proposal is a research paper for students. The task comprises of a research question, background research, a literature review, and an analysis of available information. In most cases, the student will only need to demonstrate the ability to achieve the outcomes proposed in their research. A college researcher looking to gain admission into a university ought to have written a research proposal on the subject.

Before you embark on writing a research proposal, it helps to familiarize yourself with several key elements. It is vital to ensure that you have a plan that you can follow if the paper proves successful. Below, we break down the essential elements you must include in your submission.


This section of the submission plays an essential role in driving the readers of the text on your side. It helps to provide context to the research. Notably, the writer must explain their rationale for their chosen topic and the theoretical framework for their argument. It follows then that the introduction must play a significant role in the evaluation of your work.

Thus, you must ensure that the introduction grabs the readers’ attention. This can be achieved by providing a summary of the background information you have outlined. Additionally, you should explain the particular issue that your paper seeks to address. This element helps the reader to get a firmer grasp of your ideas.

In this section, the author should elaborate on the research questions that they hope to solve with the research. It would be best if the reader were convinced that your research is valid and within the realm of current knowledge. You must also persuade your readers to choose your preferred research topic.

The introduction should provide evidence to support your stance. It would be best if you were precise and straightforward. You must prove to the reader that you are confident with the implications of your chosen approach. In which case, you can use the correct research methods that will prove the feasibility of your research proposal.

Literature Review

In this section, you will need to expound on previous research conducted on the same theme. It would be best if you had included the relevant sources relevant to your research. You can come up with an online reference library to further hone your literature review. Once you have written all the relevant sources and sections of your work, you must summarize them using bullet points.

It would be best if your readers understood the particular contributions that others have made to the scientific and research communities. Hence, you should only cite those authors you have cited in the introduction section. Lastly, you must also include references.


A good research proposal must demonstrate a suitably comprehensive approach to the research question. It follows then that you must adhere to the proper guidelines. In most cases, the proposed research will be carried out on a subject you have comprehended. As such, the methods you will employ must be relevant to your research.

It follows that you need to explain the appropriate choices you made while analyzing and interpreting the results of your research. Additionally, you must show a clear understanding of the objectives, interpretation, and conclusion of the entire research.

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